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Jason Todd, Red Hood, former dead Robin & badass extraordinaire.

Bring guns and bread. Then we'll talk.


See You, Gotham Cowboy.

{So I’ve been Jason for about as long as I can remember (read: over a half-year) and it’s honestly been one of the most fun and engaging things I’ve ever done. I made a billion friends who even now still torture tease put me through excruciating pain tease me mercilessly, and I’m really really glad for that.

HOWEVER. It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been posting much if at all recently, and I just can’t seem to find the motivation to be Jason anymore. I don’t know if it’s muse issues or my time has just ~passed~ or whatever melodrama is involved, but I can’t do his character justice anymore. Plus I start high school in a few weeks which means that even if I did scrounge up some inspiration, I’d be hard-pressed to find enough time to RP satisfactorily.

So I think it’s for the best if I resign as your favorite Jaybird and let someone else be him. I’ll really miss this group—you guys are witty, talented, and ridiculous loads of fun, and I don’t think I’ll be forgetting our shenanigans anytime soon. You can still talk to me on my personal/skype/whatever else, but I’m not going to be your Jason anymore. Thanks for understanding.

It’s been great.}

twicenamedkane replied to your post: Happy Birthday Jason.

Shut up. That was just a team-up.

Mmhmm. And Tim and the clone are just teammates.

batcass replied to your post: Close your eyes.

No peeking.

Okay, okay. Closed. Promise.


ofthefittest asked: Happy Birthday, Todd. Congratulations, looks like you made it one more year.

Charming as ever, Little D. Thanks.

batcass asked: Close your eyes.


gentlegingergiant asked: Happy birthday!

Thank you, small and unfamiliar ginger.

beautyisthelynx asked: happy birthday~

Thank you…Catwoman? Chinese Catwoman? Is this Catwoman Inc. or someshit?

aceofjoker asked: Aaaah I see its your birthday dayyyyyy! I have a very sentimental present for youuuu!

You can fuck off.

twicenamedkane-deactivated20130 asked: Happy Birthday Jason.

Thanks Kate. Heard you got a date with Wonder Woman.

Nice catch.


flyingdgrayson asked: Happy birthday bro!

Thanks, Dickiebro.